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    What is the GMS Mentoring Program?

    The Gates Millennium Alumni Association prides itself in offering opportunities for our members to civically engage. Two major opportunities are volunteering with our service partner the American Cancer Society, and through our internal mentoring platform powered by Chronus.

    GMS' premier mentoring platform encourages the development of caring and supportive relationships amongst Scholars and Alumni, increasing leadership in action, service to others, academic excellence, and the successful management of networking. The GMS Mentoring Program fosters meaningful relationships that offer a structured path to developing the 4 R's:


    All Scholars need the chance to succeed in challenging coursework.

    Coursework, projects and other opportunities must spark Scholars' interest and relate clearly to their lives in today's rapidly changing world.

    All Scholar need seasoned Mentors who know them, look out for them and encourage them to achieve.

    All Scholars must learn how to become a positive community and global force by developing strong character, demonstrating integrity and engaging in socially responsible risk-taking.


    To join the GMS Mentoring Program log-in here GMSMentoring

    What is the role of a GMS Ambassador?

    The Ambassadors Program is a dynamic, nation-wide community of recognized Gates Scholars. The growing GMS network allows each Ambassador to directly impact the pipe-line of academically rich and outstanding applicants and scholars through outreach efforts.

    Have you ever mentioned the GMS program to an eligible student? Did you point someone to our website? Have you shared program benefits with your old high school teachers or administrators? Whether you've realized it, you have effectively become an informal GMS Ambassador!

    To be officially acknowledged as a GMS Ambassador, register here.