Leadership Development

    1. How do I find a job through Association Alumni members?

    You may connect with other actively engaged Alumni through our LinkedIn networking group here. GMS also provides individual career coaching services. Please contact Reeba Monachan at to set an appointment.

    2. Are Alumni eligible to apply for professional development opportunities (e.g. Institute on Teaching and Mentoring, National Conference on Race and Ethnicity, American Library Association)?

    Alumni who are currently funded may apply to attend GMS Conferences as participants. No Longer Funded Alumni may apply to serve as mentors at conferences, or may attend GMS Functions hosted at conferences with prior approval from staff.

    3. When are applications open for regional advisor positions and other council member positions?

    Alumni Council positions, including Regional Advisor positions open up in late November or December each year. Only vacant positions are posted for each year as many of the Alumni Council positions are served in two-year or four-year terms.

    4. I want to do more outreach with GMSAA. How do I go about this?

    Please go to to register your event if you are planning to do an event in your local area or have event details already established. If you would like to be included in event in your area as a GMS Ambassador please email for more information.

    5. Beyond volunteering, what are other ways to give back to/or with GMSAA?

    The GMS Alumni Association started our first “Giving” initiative this past year through the GMS Alumni Medallion. Your funds will be go towards the operations and endowment for the Alumni Association. To donate to the GMSAA, please go here.

    6. How do I access materials if I am attending a career fair, conference or the like?

    If there are files that Scholars create from conferences or career fairs, they will be available in the file library within the GMS Online Community. Please login to the community to see Library Files available to the community.


    Community Development

    1. How do I know if I'm a member of the GMS Alumni Association?

    Any Gates Scholar who has graduated from an undergraduate college or university is already a member of the GMS Alumni Association, free of charge.

    You may contact for further information.

    2. How do I learn about alumni events in my area?

    The GMS Alumni, in conjunction with Regional Advisors plan events throughout the US and send out invitations through the information that you have provided GMS. Please ensure that your information is most updated on your Scholar website.

    For further instructions, please see attached: Update Contact Info

    3. Who do I contact to become involved in the GMS Alumni Association?

    You may contact Reeba Monachan, Senior Relationship Manager for Alumni Programs or your regional advisor, as per GMSAA Council.


    4. Are Alumni included in campus based visits by the Campus Engagement Managers?

    The Campus Engagement Managers are staff members that travel to various campuses to meet with Scholars on those campuses or within these region. If you are interested in contacting the CEMs for advising or to be involved in Scholar programming please contact CEMs directly at their emails:

    i. Mireya Saldana (Southern California Region)

    ii. Marcus Ware (DMV and Southeast Region)

    iii. Kalindi Doshi (Northeast Region)

    iv. Gabriel Bell (Southwest Region)

    You may also email in order to garner an introduction.

    5. How can alumni who live in remote/rural locations get support to attend alumni events around the country?

    Please contact your Regional Advisor or the Senior Relationship Manager for Alumni, Reeba Monachan.

    6. Are there any unique opportunities for alumni to be engaged in the GMS Alumni Association?

    We are always looking for new ways for Alumni to be engaged. Whether it is through the Alumni Council, various committees, career or GMS Legacy webinars or other opportunities, we have various methods for engagement. This online community has various forms of engagement, as well, through the discussion boards, blogs and other opportunities. If you need your information to login please Update Contact Information or email

    7. Are there any field or discipline specific groups for scholars to connect with other scholars?

    GMS has a number of Special Interest Groups; current groups include:

    GMS Scholars in Public Health

    GMS Scholars on Capitol Hill

    GMS Scholars in Education

    To visit Special Interest Groups or start a new group, please go here.

    8. Are alumni welcome to visit the Gates Offices?

    Yes! The GMS staff love to have Scholars come to the offices in Washington, DC (UNCF & APIASF), Albuquerque, NM (AIGCS), or Los Angeles, CA (HSF). Please email the offices first to let them know to expect you or set an appointment to ensure staff will be available.

    9. Is there a GMS Alumni Directory?

    Yes, you will find the tab for the Alumni Directory once you login to the online community here. Some directory information is pre-populated by the program, but Alumni are responsible for updating their information.

    10. Are there GMSAA membership cards, materials, or merchandise available?

    Currently, we provide promotional items at our Alumni events. You can also purchase a GMS Alumni Medallion via the Alumni Site.

    11. How do I start a local group of alumni in my area? Are there alumni groups in my area?

    This is called an Alumni Association Chapter. The following cities have active chapters:

    i. Manhattan, NY

    ii. San Francisco Bay area, CA


    Please contact if you are interested in starting a new Chapter.


    GMS Operations of the Scholarship

    1. I just earned my bachelor’s (or master’s) degree and I want to take some time off from school during the upcoming term or academic year. What should I do?

    Please visit the Scholar Website (, go to the red panel and click Forms. Then download the GMS Deferment Packet and submit your signed and completed Deferment Form (and supporting documents if required) to your GMS administrating office.

    2. I graduated and I do not plan to pursue a graduate degree. Do I still have to participate in the renewal process?

    Yes. Please inform GMS of your plans after graduation. Please visit the Scholar Website (, download and carefully review the NOF Status Packet. Upon thorough review, submit your completed NOF Status Form along with your final official academic transcript to illustrate your degree earned and the degree conferral date. Be advised that the NOF status is permanent and cannot be reversed.

    3. I am certain that the new master’s / PhD program that I am entering is eligible for GMS funding. Am I still required to complete and submit the Graduate Funding Inquiry Form (GPIF) to GMS if I have not done so?

    Yes. Please visit the Scholar Website (, and click “Forms” to submit your completed GPIF online to GMS immediately. Scholars entering a new graduate program for the first time cannot be considered for GMS funding if their GPIF has not been approved by GMS. Please limit to 5 submissions at a time and allow at least 4 to 6 weeks for a GPIF response.

    4. What are the GMS Graduate Programs of Study?

    Graduate Scholars must be degree-seeking students in one of the seven GMS designated programs of study.

    • Computer Science
    • Education
    • Engineering
    • Library and Information Science
    • Mathematics
    • Public Health
    • Science

    For a full list descriptions of graduate program eligibility requirements, refer to the GMS Academic Program Eligibility Policies section in the GMS Administrative Guidelines.

    5. What is a Graduate Program Inquiry Form?

    All Gates Millennium Scholars entering graduate school in one of the seven funded areas of graduate study: computer science, education, engineering, library science, mathematics, public health and science, are required to submit a Graduate Program Inquiry Form (GPIF) before starting their desired degree program. To receive a timely decision on funding, Scholars should submit a GPIF and supporting documentation between September 1 and March 1 of the year prior to enrollment. The GPIF is currently available for download via the Forms section of the Scholar Website (


    1. Graduate Program Inquiry Form (required)
    2. Program Acceptance Letter and/or Admissions Letter (if available)
    3. Program Description (required)
    4. Curriculum (required) & Concentration (if applicable)

    6. What dual degree programs, specialist degrees and certificate / licensures are considered for funding?

    Education Specialist Degree (Ed.S.): The Ed.S. degree will count against the maximum four years allowed for doctoral studies.

    Teacher Certificate/Teacher Licensure Programs: Scholars may pursue a Teacher Certificate or Teacher Licensure for a maximum of one academic year.

    Dual Degree Programs: Both of the degrees have to be in the seven funded areas of study in order to be considered for GMS funding.

    M.D./Ph.D. or M.D. / M.P.H. Programs: GMS will fund a maximum of two years for the M.P.H. component of the M.D./M.P.H. and four years for the Ph.D. component of the M.D./ Ph.D. The dual degree program must be formally developed, structured, and promoted by an academic institution (that is, not an ad hoc combination of programs). Scholars may request a deferment while they are pursuing the M.D. component of the graduate program.

    7. Does GMS provide funding for graduate school exams?

    Yes, GMS provides partial test waivers for both GRE & SOPHAS. If you would like to request a GRE Fee Reduction Certificate, please send GMS a request via email to including your formal GRE Fee Reduction Request, full name, and GMS ID number.

    The Schools of Public Health Application Service (SOPHAS) offers Gates Millennium Scholars and Alumni the opportunity to waive the application fee for up to three designations of members of the Association of Schools of Public Health. In order to request a SOPHAS Fee Waiver please send GMS the SOPHAS Fee Waiver Form via fax, mail, or email to

    8. How do I inform the organization about the death of an alumnus?

    Please email